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Make a Donation & Reduce Taxes

Your donation will help Latino-owned businesses and minority businesses.  Together
we will keep Latino-owned businesses open for year and for generations to come.

Ways to Give

If you are making over $80,000 per year, your tax bracket may fall between 22% to 37%.  Your donation will help you reduce taxes and help out LOBs.  Corporate donations will help your company reduce overall taxes.   Donate today and maximize the benefits. 

In Person

You can drop off a check at our offices, if you are in Miami.

By Phone

Have questions?  Before you make a donation we can answer any of your questions.

Online via Bank

You can wire or ACH your donation from your bank to our bank.




Together we can help more Latino-Owned Businesses.  There nearly 3 million Hispanic businesses in the U.S.  Together we can make an impact.  We are open to promoting your programs and visa versa. 

Write to us:
(subject: Lendinero Foundation Partnership)

For Profit Businesses

Does your business want to give back?  Money is not the only solution.  If you are willing to give products or services to help Latino-owned businesses we are open to ideas.  Software, accounting, legal, and other services can be provided at a reduction or for FREE. 

Write to us: (subject: Lendinero Foundation Partnership)

Become a Sponsor


We need your help to help more Latino-owned businesses and minority entrepreneurs. You can sponsor one of many ways.  We will provide you with the recognition you deserve.

  • Corporate, Gold Level Sponsor
    Any company that donates $10,000 or more we will submit press release, posted to Google News,, Twitter & 80+ news and FOX TV websites. Also, we will create a video and distribute on social media.

  • Financial event Sponsor
    Hold an event such as a fundraiser, concert, webinar or other event to inform the community or to raise funds. 

  • Online Media Sponsor
    Help us spread the word.  If you are an editor or own an online magazine an article on your news medium is worth more than money.


Shaking Hands
Shaking Hands

Want to become a sponsor? Contact us

Thanks for submitting!

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